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Commission rendering Vanowen Bridge at Bull Creek. (39kb)

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Copyright © 1999-2006, Eileen Ruth Webb, All Rights Reserved.


Ornamental iron images index 2 of architectural metal commissions of Eileen Webb, a Los Angeles based designer & fabricator of original art using computerized technologies:  formed cast in place custom concrete & Steel Railings - public art commission for charter city of Los Angeles  & TY Lin International.  Site is an evolving part of the historic Mission San Fernando, land grant of Eugelio De Celis, San Fernando Valley Farm Homestead development of Isaac Lankershim & Isaac Van Nuys.  Incidentally,   because Bull Creek is one of the original 4 natural year round waterways that drained the San Fernando Valley into the Los Angeles River,  it became the locale of the first large scale commercial dry wheat farming in Los Angeles.  A drought in 1869 - 1871,  caused sheep ranching to be abandoned in favor or wheat farming.   40,000 head of sheep and uncounted other livestock perished - causing a shift thats influence is visible today in Los Angeles after winter rains.  Wheat is found mixed in with native chapparel flora across the greater Los Angeles basin.   By the late 1880's, the wheat farming was of such success, that the area exported 500,000 bushels of wheat to Manchester in the British Isles.