RIGHT:  Dedication sign with badge at oblique angle - memorial in distance. Photo courtesy (© 2001) Edward M. Baum FAIA - architect of the memorial.
   LEFT:  Detail of memorial canopy - fabricated by Big D Metalworks in Dallas. Officers numbers are waterjet cut from canopy cladding of 3/16" #230 bead blasted stainless steel.

NOTE: The project uses light, both reflected & transmitted  to dramatic effect.   The numbers & earlier names (before badge numbers) of the officers who have died in the line of duty in  the Dallas PD are cut from a metal shade canopy.   As the sunlight pierces the canopy, these numbers gently cloak the visitors to the site & cast dramatic lighted images on the concrete floor.  These vary during the day dependent on lighitng conditions & time.  They create a  personal &   graphic reminder for visitors with the memory of these officers service & sacrifice protecting  the citizens & community of Dallas.  It uses light to the same effect that the black granite of the Vietman Memorial in Washington DC which serves as a eyelevel mirror for visitors on a bright sunlit day while reading the endless stream of names carved into the walls.
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Dallas Police Memorial - canopy detail - photo courtesy the architect,  ©Edward M. Baum FAIA, 2001Dallas Police Memorial - courtesy of the architect,  ©Edward M. Baum, FAIA,  2001

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