Photos courtesy of Larry Meyer © 2001

   LEFT:  Dedication sign with badge.

   RIGHT:  Detail of dedication sign with badge junction - fabricated by Waterjet Works in  Dallas. Copy was machine engraved in 1" #316 stainless steel plate.  Badge is mounted in a notch of the 8 foot tall pennant. Its angle is 10 degrees with connection at two points.

NOTE:  The Dallas Police Memorial project was featured in an architectural profile for emerging uses of stainless steel in architecture in the premier issue of Stainless Building Bulletin (KCI-World - Netherlands) in March 2004.  READ ARTICLE.
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Dallas Police Memorial - canopy detail - photo courtesy the architect,  ©Edward M. Baum FAIA, 2001Dallas Police Memorial - courtesy of the architect,  ©Edward M. Baum, FAIA,  2001

Dallas Police Memorial Edward M. Baum FAIA Edward Baum FAIA conventional chemical milled stainless steel police badge police memorial art police memorial sculpture