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Alvarado Park railings - shop photographs Alvarado Park - finished view from upper BBQ area looking back across lawns. Alvarado Park - shop drawing for panel assembly in field.
Alvarado Park - detail with mitered steel post in corner & welded clips Alvarado Park - finished commission view from northeast Alvarado Park - finished commission from southeast - go to articles

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“Hand Made Art from the Modern Machine” ®
ORNAMENTAL-IRON.COM®, Copyright © 1999-2006,  Eileen Ruth Webb,  All Rights Reserved.
Copyright © 1999-2006, Eileen Ruth Webb, All Rights Reserved.

WPA style art deco decorative laser cut steel railing, Design & photograph Copyright 2006, Eileen Ruth Webb, All Rights Reserved.

Decorative steel railing gallery images for an art deco style project on USNRHP in Richmond California, 2003 silver NOMMA award winning ornamental iron railings for Alvarado Park. The .dxf CNC steel railing commission for the park on the National Register of Historic Places features graceful art deco era inspired design to compliment the existing WPA stone and masonry work. Artist, Eileen Ruth Webb worked closely with the design staff - Janette Moon (landscape architect) and Zena Trinidad (architectural designer) to come up with the architecturally appropriate solution creating a period statement that closely matched the original park style. The look is that of ''Hand Made Art from the Modern Machine''® changing the definition and course of hand craft and technology. This commission is the second in Art Deco style to be recognized with a national award from NOMMA - the National Ornamental and Miscellaneous Metals Association for her art as functional ornamental iron gates and decorative iron railings since 2000.

art deco railing , ornamental art deco iron railing steel art deco railing original art deco railing contemporary art deco railing historical style art deco railing commission public art in East Bay public art in San Francisco Eileen Webb Eileen Ruth Webb Los Angeles based artist residing in Point Fermin San Pedro designer fabricator using proprietary & patented CAD based tools & CAM technologies to create architecturally appropriate artwork in metal stone & concrete.  railing system  commission, USNRHP Alvarado Park Richmond East Bay Regional Parks District Oakland CA, 2003 NOMMA top job,