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This residential art deco steel entry gate was designed & created by the artist in an art deco borzoi design 
for her clients.  More reasonably priced & aesthetic steel entry for their 1922 “fixer upper”  home & the first gate project
for the artist,  it was recognized for excellence in architectural metals with a Gold Ernest Wiemann Top Job
award from NOMMA, the National Ornamental & Miscellaneous Metals Association in 2000.
art deco borzoi gate
The images here chronicle much of the overall project, from CAD design, to end result - a streamlined & autonomous
controlled use of outsource manufacturing.  While the  gate is cut intact from 1/2” steel plate,  it serves as an
example of how machine can successfully bridge the cost gap created by the demise of hand craft,
particularly blacksmithing in industrialized & urban regions around the world as cars replaced carriages.
It in reality, along with other engineering technologies serves as a basis for this artists continuing
romance - marrying traditional art & modern applied science  - “making machines sing”.
Art Deco Borzoi Gate - finished install. (9kb) Art Deco Gate - close up main panel without welds. It features clients 1st choice as central theme.  Overall style was art deco. (12kb) Borzoi Gate - close up view gate to surrounding panels @ typical hinge (5kb) Doggie Gate - lower corner view with frame (17kb)
Original client CAD rendering - front elevation (16kb) Borzoi Gate - CAD elevation rendering with miscellaneous details (15kb)

Front of Residence existing conditions

Doggie Gate, Fabricator magazine article,  June 2000 (19kb)

Detail of Front Foyer entry - existing conditions

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Can you find all the elements?
the Russian Wolfhound or BorzoiPalmsChevronsLotus FlowersLightening Bolts

Art deco ornamental iron residental gate project index for private residence, winner of 2000 NOMMA - National Ornamental & Miscellaneous Metals Association Gold top job for gates - interior / exterior no forgework. Designed & fabricated by Eileen Webb of Los Angeles. Ornamental & decorative steel design features borzoi dog design, art deco style palms, Egyptian retro lotus flowers, lightening bolts & chevrons.