Article by artist, Eileen Webb titled ''Doggie Gate'' on the 2000 NOMMA gold top job commission - her first gate. Originally written for other metal artists & fabricators as a useful satire, it appeared in NOMMA's Fabricator magazine in the fall of 2000. Designed & fabricated by Eileen Webb of Los Angeles - this unique art deco steel gate has typical decorative design themes: palms, lotus, lightening bolts & chevrons suggested by the client. The commission was a pioneering project pushing the limits of art & technology using CAD/ CAM developed by the artist, herself. Entirely cut from 1/2" steel plate & #304 stainless steel, the main panel is weldless. The commission was assembled in 3 hours by a contractor without any instructions.

NOMMA gold top job award 2000 - for this project!
In March 2000, an amazing
event happened culminating
in three years of pioneering
art & technology together.
This article is a satirical story
chronicling this artist’s vision
“to make machines sing”.
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Fabricator Magazine, Vol 41, No.4, article - Copyright © 2000 NOMMA/Fabricator & Eileen Ruth Webb(164949 bytes)

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