D E S I G N     A G R E E M E N T


1. This Agreement made this ____day of _______, 2006 by and between Eileen Webb, P.O. Box 2987,
Rolling Hills Estates, California 90274 (Tel. 310/548.4914; Facsimile 310/833.7399 and E-mail:
e.webb@ornamental-iron.com), hereinafter “Artist” and _________________________________________
_____________________________________________________, hereinafter “Buyer,” is for the purpose of
designing, rendering and/or drawing premanufacturing metal and/or stone artwork that Buyer agrees to
use only for the purpose of concluding with Artist a manufacturing and/or fabrication contract intended
solely for development and/or production of ornamental artwork only at the following site(s):

Initial Renderings, Drawings, and/or Job Outlay.

2. For the price of ____________, and other good and valuable consideration discussed below, Artist
agrees to furnish job location survey, drawings, renderings and/or patterns pursuant to the scope of work
described in Addendum “A” to this Agreement, and made a part hereof.

3. Artist acknowledges receipt of ____________________ as payment in full for the work described in
Addendum “A”.

4. We agree that Artist has no obligation to produce, or develop any of the panels, pieces, or items
indicated in Addendum “A”  unless the parties execute in writing an Agreement relating thereto.

Intellectual Property.

5. The design, patterns, computer files, notes, sketches, drawings, and all media related to the design,
development and/or production of the artistic product - panels, pieces, and/or items specified in Addendum
“A” are the sole and exclusive property of Artist. Consequently, Buyer agrees not to disclose to others,
sell, reproduce, or duplicate any of the said. The parties agree that Buyer is granted a license herein to have
the product manufactured, produced or fabricated for said site in a contract to be concluded exclusively
with Artist.

Scope of Contract.

6.  The parties agree that this is an artistic contract and that Artist is not a contractor. It is further
understood and agreed that Artist may from time to time consult with, engage, or otherwise retain various
specialties, including, without limitation thereto, licensed contractors, engineers, welders, artists, specialty
manufacturers, and/or other persons in order to complete her obligations under this Agreement.  In such
case, Artist does not assume the role of a contractor. The buyer assumes sole liability for end uses of
artwork after completion of contract including necessary and ongoing maintenance if used in any
architectural or landscape setting. 

By______________/______ Buyer
By______________/______ Eileen Webb, Artist

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Copyright 1999-2006, Eileen Ruth Webb, All Rights Reserved.
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