Eileen Webb - artist, a bit about myself

I am a product of a catholic grade school & public high school in the 60s & early 70s, attended local community colleges & state universities in Long Beach, Wilmington & San Francisco.  I grew up in a southern California beach community under the guidance of mid western parents who are both positive & pragmatic.  Best lessons are from positive examples.   

One of my notable strengths has been troublesome curiosity to try anything once, especially if it piques my interest.  Often I look at
things as they are commonly done & then at what people never have tried with something.  Is there a better way, ...is it possible,... can I do it? That challenge to try anything once has led to successful innovations of tools for artists like myself. I actively encourage others.

The more you manage to accomplish, the more challenges have been presented to me.   What I have learned is that there are no set boundaries for technologies - only the original guidelines & that  those are very blurry.

IKE BEAUTIFULLY CRAFTED THINGS - whatever they might be.  With a critical eye for detail, comes the ability to pick something apart & understand how it might have been made.  My father is an engineer.

among some of the things that I have enjoyed the most, studying them carefully in the world around me.  Line drawing, surface design & photography are my favorite media.
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ORNAMENTAL-IRON.COM ®,   MOSAICRETE ™MI-T FIT ™ Interlocking frame system
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Copyright © 1999-2006, Eileen Ruth Webb, All Rights Reserved.

the background image is a hand made eglomisé glass screen - my only work at home. In IE it looks right, in Netscape not.

HISTORY & IDEAS ABOUT ART, architecture, progress, technology, culture & spirituality have always intrigued me.  As a result,   I have always been an avid reader of RELATED TOPICS.  For all my adult life, I have made my living as a professional artist.   Working with 2 & 3 dimensional media like paper & pen, brush & paint, mouse & keyboard,  I have added more tools to the familiar mix.  It has generally been a self learning process, based on the end vision.  My learning about engineering technologies over the last decade is in fact nothing more than an extension of mastering the most effective methods or tools for my work  I saw all these new things as a more effective pencil & paper. 
PROFESSIONALLY,  I have most recently worked as the art director for a national electric sign company.  Before that I worked at the following skills or crafts in 30+ years
carrousel art restoration
technical illustrator
graphic artist
sign painter
gallery director
exhibit designer
designing / fabricating props, sets, florals, trees,
costumes & creating specialty interiors
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IN MY WAY OF THINKING, an artist has to do the best possible job for a client in the shortest productive period.   Otherwise,  they do not get to make their living as an artist. For myself, this new work is having the coolest gig. I get up at about 4:30 every morning.  I enjoy the people I work for & what I do.