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Persons Selected by Buyer.

7. The parties agree that Artist will reasonably cooperate with contractors, engineers, welders, employees
and/or other persons selected by Buyer. In such case, Buyer agrees to be solely and exclusively
responsible for all monies paying said persons.


8. Buyer agrees to be solely and exclusively responsible for all fees and costs incurred as a result of changes,
modifications and/or alterations to the construction site or project, and/or delay beyond the control of Artist.

Dispute Resolution.

9. We agree that upon demand by any party to this Agreement, the American Arbitration Association shall
appoint a sole arbitrator to resolve all disputes concerning or relating to this Agreement in city and county of
Los Angeles,  California. The costs for the arbitration shall be initially shared equally by the parties.  For
the purpose of determining the laws applicable to this Agreement, the Arbitrator shall follow the laws of the
United States relating to intellectual property, and general principles of law. The arbitration shall occur within 
six months of demand by any other party to this Agreement. The arbitrator shall render his/her decision within 
month thereafter and the same shall be enforceable in any court of law and/or state of the United States. 
The arbitrator shall as part of any arbitration award, award the prevailing party reasonable attorney fees and
costs related to the arbitration.


10. We agree to use the said address, telephone, e-mail and facsimile numbers for all communication,  
except as directed otherwise in writing.

BuyerEileen Webb, Artist

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